5 Tips for Emotional Healing

1. Be yourself. Express your truth --> Set boundaries for others --> Have your own beliefs --> Stand up for yourself  --> Eat the foods you love 

2. Love and Be Love --> Be open to embrace the love around you --> Tell someone you love them  --> Hug Someone  --> Give yourself some alone time --> Walk in nature and soak up some sun

3. Refocus Your Thoughts --> Use affirmations --> Talk to someone about what bothering you  --> Identity the thoughts that don't serve you  --> Stop talking about 'I can't'

4. Intentions (a thing intended: an aim or plan) --> The healing process of a wound --> Start the day with what you aspire to do --> Do not say 'I am sad today' 

5. Be Open Minded To Feedback/ Advice/ Criticism  --> You may not always agree but there may be some valuable advice hidden in there  --> Sit back and really listen 

Listen to you're throat chakra.  Listen to your own voice. Listen to the stillness within and express what needs to be expressed. Blue energy is guiding energy, enabling you to find a sense of faith and trust. As you become more open, you find the seat of creativity, you start to communicate easier and clearer. You start to unfold, find yourself and express your authentic self. This is where you blossom.

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