Is Yoni Steaming for you?

Are you curious about Yoni Steaming?

Why should we even steam to being with?

Well let me tell you why......

1. Yoning steaming, well... it just feels good. Its soothing to your soul. It smells delighful and makes you feel like you are grounding yourself. Within our day to day activities we tend to forget to relax, come back to earth and just breath. Drinking the tea and using the steam puts your body at such a relaxed state, the outside world just seems to disappear. It helps you shut the door to chaos and open the door to self love and care.

2. We all have those days where our body just feels off. The steam penetrates your walls and help with lubrication. We are supposed to maintain a healthy PH balance. And we can only so by eating the proper foods and drinking lots of water. Half your body weight divided by two... in ounces. I weight about 180 pounds. My water intake should be 90 ounces. Lets be real here. There is no way I will consume that amount of water in a day but the goal is to try or at least drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water. To make it easier, add oranges, mints, strawberries, lemons, limes or whatever fruit/herb you may desire.

3. Yoni steaming helps ease cramping. Whether you cramp before your moon time, durring or even after, the herbal steam helps with regulating your hormones. When your hormones are off, our bodies scream for help. Then we literally scream outloud because we hurt. Lets makes sure your hormones are in alignment to prevent or even subside the effects of cramping. No one likes to cramp and I know we all which men could feel what we do for the world to be fair. I do know one thing, if I had my way women would get paid time leave from work during their cycle because of the turmoil we endure during that time. I would even take just one day (On my heaviest day at that) just to have some peace.

4. Women have sworn it helped them conceive. Are you trying for a baby? Are you planning for the future to get your body ready for conception? Trying for a baby and not conceiving can and will be stressful. I know this first hand. It can take a lot from your mental state. It can wear on your heart, soul and flip your emotions in was you could never imagine. So I want to first tell you that you are not alone. You will never be alone and always remember that. We keep this hidden secret and it eats away out our soul. Let Yoni Steaming be your guide. This will open you up in multiple ways. This will soften your uterus to help with implantation. There are specific herbs that deal with fertility. Steaming will change your mindset. It will make you feel sexy and you will want to show it off; so do so! Strut your stuff and be seen! The more confidence you have, the sexier your feel and the more sex you may receive. Let the baby making sessions begin. If you are headed down that path, please consult with your doctor and well as me so we can put you on the right regiment. Im looking forward to being someone's spiritual aunt. Yeah!

5. We all need to detox and Yoni Steams help you do so. We carry so many hurt emotions, past lovers, bad friendships, spirits of those we pass and come in contact with in our womb. We need to remove those toxin and keep our mind, body and soul happy. Think of your womb as a locked storage space. You keep adding random items to it, never removing the old things you do not use anymore and it just sits there collecting dust. When you go to open it all those bad particles come flying in your face. Your nose starts running, your eyes get itchy and you start sneezing up a storm and you stand there wondering why you never cleaned this place out. This is the same for your womb. We need to take the time and clean (purge). You don't need that junk stored in your Yoni. Lets remove it so you can start fresh with have a new beginning and be proud of clearing that space you keep sacred.

There are many reason to steam. I gave you a few. Does it sound like something you need? Do you have other questions about herbal steaming? I brought Yoni Steaming to share and educate those who need a better understanding of it. We have so many salons, massage parlors, hang out spots but its such a rush. Everyone is on a tight schedule to fit people in and get to the next client that I wanted to create a space where no one felt that way. I want you to come in and relax, take your shoes off and feel at home. I want to make your experience so memorable that you tell your friends and we can all just sit and chat. We as women need to bond again. We need to learn to depend on each other for guidance, love, support and healing. Lets start this new way of love. Lets live life the way it is intended to be..... In Peace.

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