Special Victories in the Making


Special Victories got its start as a t-shirt line specifically geared towards children with disabilities, as Alana was very passionate about helping them through volunteer work for The Center of Nevada R.A.V.E Family. As time went on, she decided to expand Special Victories into a multi-purpose company that held true to its original intent.


Being a multi-talented woman herself, she tapped into her other innate gifts that centered around increased awareness of holistic health and wellness. Creating quality skincare products was inspired by her own natural healing journey with eczema, which then transformed into complete natural healing on all levels. From this place, she naturally flowed into sharing her love for tea, which also led her to creating her own tried and true blends that would eventually be shared with the world. Through all of her creations, however, her true specialty was custom making products for those who were unable to use others.


Alana believes in making everyone feel special, included and supported. The creation and expansion of Special Victories was birthed from that loving space. Just as her logo portrays, creating a strong, blossoming foundation encourages the rebirth of a supporting community that everyone can enjoy with pride!